Temporary Trip Permits

Out-of-state vehicles with current non-apportioned tags or IRP tags NOT apportioned for Georgia, must obtain a 72-Hour Trip Permit prior to entering the state. Permits are $30 and can be obtained online. The permit must remain in the vehicle at all time.

A Hunter Permit is available to Georgia-based operators who need to move an empty vehicle while looking for employment. The Permit is $30 and is valid for 7 days and can be obtained online.

Texas One Trip Temporary Registration

Unladen vehicles needing to move temporarily on Texas highways are eligible for one-trip registration. The route must either begin or end in Texas. These permits only allow the vehicle to travel from point of origin to a point of destination and are valid for 15 days.

Temporary Fuel Permits

A fuel trip permit may be purchased in lieu of the required interstate trucker license or International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license for qualified motor vehicles entering Georgia for commercial purposes. The permit is $16 and valid for 10 days and can be obtained online.

For more details see https://www.cvisn.dor.ga.gov/gtp/faq